20W LED T8 Tube with LED starter
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Led 20W T8 Tube single end with special LED starter, not dimmable, 1850 Lumen cool white, it is suitable for office, shop, school, supermarket and museum, warehouse etc as a replacement of classic fluorescent T8 tube. The T8 LED tubes have much longer working time than the classic T8 fluorescent tubes. Saving up to 60% of energy, compared to the normal T8 fluorescent tubes, in the meantime, it has the advantages of no mercury, no flickering, and no start delay.

Note:    A direct replacement, , it really is as simple as changing a traditional tube.No re-wiring or transformers or special fittings  if use for replace traditional fluorescent tube with starter, very  easy to change with LED starter.

Comparison between 20W LED tubes , 40W fluorescent tubes in Australia 
Light TUBE projected lifespan 30,000 hours 10,000 hours
Watts per TUBE (equiv. 40 watts) 20 40
Cost per bulb $39 $3.95
KWh of electricity used over
30,000 hours
600K 1200K
Cost of electricity ($ 0.25per KWh)
Australia average electricity price
$150 $300
Bulbs needed for 30k hours of use 1 3
Equivalent 30k hours bulb expense $39 $11.85
Total cost for 30k hours $189 $311.85
 Energy Savings over 30,000 hours, assuming 50 TUBE per business:

Total cost for 50 Tubes $9450 $15592.5
Savings to business by switching
from fluorescent tube

$6142.5 0
It means if a business owner use 50pcs LED tube to retrofit the traditional fluorescent Tube, there are $6152.5 AUD will be saved. Why don’t switch to LED now?  

Installation Steps:
Step 1: Turn off the electricity supply before installation. For safety, make sure main power source is switched off before attempting to install
Step2: For refitting old fluorescent lamp, with one-side-power-input LED tube, please re-connect as above diagram.
Step3: For diagram step1, after removing the old starter, then for the step 2 put the led starter on.
Step 4: LED tube can be installed directly into the G13 base. After that the LED tube is ready to work.

Product Type Lighting
Lumens 1850
Beam Angle 180 degrees
Colour Temperature
Average Rated Life
3000k-3500k (Warm White)
30,000 hours
Warranty 3 years
Width / Diameter (mm) Φ30
Length (mm) 1280
IP Rating 41
Voltage 110/240V
Starter included Yes
Wattage (Max) 20W
Energy Saving yes
Room Type Garage,
Lighting Technology LED Lights
Approval TUV Rheinland Australia,    SAA , CTICK, CE  
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